Wide range of garage door and garage door services at Garage Door Repair Bothell

No matter what your garage door repair needs are, we at Garage Door Repair Bothell offer a wide array of services. To learn more about our garage door repair services, visit us at 800 Bellevue Way NE or call us at 1-425-984-5865. The garage door repair services we offer include:

  1. Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement: A simple thing as a garage door spring can make your door useless. Due to the danger involved to both person and property in changing the garage door spring by yourself, it is highly recommended to call a professional. We offer this service at very low costs and our technicians take care of all safety procedures and guidelines to ensure that there is no damage to property or people.
  2. Panel Replacement for Garage Doors: Garage door panels can also get damaged over time. Sometimes this is just due to the wear and tear, while at other times it can be due to external factors. Either way, they are indicative of structural problems and need to be replaced. If you think that there may be a problem with your panels, call us today for a free consultation.
  3. Broken Cables: Much like garage door springs, damaged garage door cables can also prove dangerous. These too must always be repaired by a professional. A garage door cable is extremely important in the proper functioning of a garage door. It is what pulls the garage door up and the release of which pushes it back down. If the cable is worn, you should have it replaced immediately, for if it breaks, it can cause damage to people and property.
  4. Garage Door Opener: Sometimes the garage door opener can also stop working. Often the issue is as simple as replacing the batteries. However, at other time it may need to reconfigured. Our technicians are extremely experienced and can fix the controllers from a variety of different manufacturers. They are able to easily fix treadles, induction loop systems, remotes, key switches, push buttons and keyless entries.
  5. Roller Replacement for Garage Doors: Sometimes the rollers for garage doors can become bent or can even break. This in turn can cause your garage door to not function properly. Our technicians can fix this problem within no time. They can replace the bent, broken or worn rollers which will in turn allow your garage door to function smoothly.
  6. Weather Seal for your Garage Door: The stripping around your garage door, like all other parts, also requires maintenance and sometimes replacement. Due to extreme weather conditions, the stripping can become worn. This will not allow the stripping to do its job of keeping out pests, snow, dust, leaves and rain water. It is important to have your stripping replaced so that your garage door remains properly shut without pest intrusions, water, snow, dust, twigs and leaves.
  7. Garage Doo Replacement: If you garage door has become worn and is rusted in various places, then another option is to have it replaced. We have a large variety of garage doors of various styles and materials. You can come see these at our office to decide which of these you would like to have installed.